RoundUp's Toxicity--Additional Factors 

Additional factors affecting the toxicity of RoundUp

From  Pesticides and Deadly Tagamet Synergism by Steve Tvedten (former pesticide applicator).

Tagamet and other H-2 Blockers such as Axid and Pepcid, all now readily available over the counter, increase the vulnerability of persons taking these drugs to pesticide poisoning.  Taken by millions, these drugs vie for the same detoxification pathways in the body as pesticides do, making people taking the drugs more susceptible to the devastating effects of pesticide poisoning.

Estrogen can also an important factor in the severity of the impact RoundUp has on people.

Iris Bell, M.D., Ph. D., University of Arizona Health Sciences Center:

"In the sensitization process, we know that female animals are more likely to sensitize than are male animals, and, in research that has been done, picking apart the hormonal factors that may contribute, they found that a higher ratio of estrogen to progesterone seems to make the female animal more vulnerable for sensitization.  Testosterone appears to protect the male animal."