Called the wonder herbicide, RoundUp is one of the top-selling herbicides.  Made by Monsanto, it is now used on plants that have been genetically engineered to tolerate RoundUp without dying.

This means:

  • Higher residues of RoundUp in our food chain
  • Over 90 percent of soy and canola in our food chain are 'RoundUp Ready' genetically engineered to withstand large quantities of RoundUp
  • Increased RoundUp usage by farmers
  • More danger to the public

RoundUp Herbicide has been touted by its maker, Monsanto, as safe and environmentally friendly.  As such, it has become the most popular herbicide in use today.  Advertising by Monsanto has led the public to believe that RoundUp is "safe as table salt," a phrase used quite often by its proponents to describe it.

Studies used for RoundUp's initial registration were fraudulent. There is no indication that these studies have been replaced with other, more valid, studies.  The public perception of RoundUp as safe, environmentally friendly, and no more harmful than table salt has impeded the normal scientific study to which a pesticide would normally be subjected.  Research grants have been concentrated in the areas of pesticides perceived to be more detrimental to humans.

New York State's Attorney General has sued Monsanto for claiming that RoundUp is "safe" and "environmentally friendly."  This suit ended in a settlement with Monsanto in which Monsanto agreed to cease and desist from using these terms in advertising RoundUp in the state of New York.  Monsanto, while not admitting any wrongdoing, paid the state of New York $250,000 in settlement of this suit.  When Monsanto violated the first settlement agreement by advertising within New York that RoundUp is "safe," a second agreement was negotiated.

Most of the studies identifying RoundUp's true toxicity are recent, and certain areas of RoundUp's toxicity have yet to be thoroughly studied.  Case law involving RoundUp victims is almost non-existent due to this lack of scientific information with which to prove causation. 

It is for these reasons that it is important to also look to anecdotal information about RoundUp's toxicity to humans in order to develop a full picture of the symptomology it causes.

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