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Sitback Standard Lumbar Support Pillow

Do you work on a computer daily or frequently?

Staying seated for extended periods of time at the office or at home can lead to serious back pain. Healthcare professionals know that sitting too long creates pressure on the spine, distorting spinal curves and compressing discs.

All of this can cause pinching of the nerves in the spinal cord, leading to numbness, tingling and back pain. Help protect and maintain proper spinal curve with a lumbar support pillow.

Some changes suggested by researchers at Cornell University and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Spine Health can make your back pain history:

Get a lumbar support pillow

Supporting the lumbar area of your back can dramatically decrease your back aches. CORE Products lumbar support pillow is made from contoured foam with side support wings.

It provides medium to firm support and helps keep you sitting properly.

Use at home, office or in your car. Attached positioning belt keeps cushion in place. It is covered in a durable cotton blend. 13” x 14” (33cm x 35.5cm)

Keep your head centered above your shoulders

Avoid straining forward to see the computer by aligning your head straight up from your shoulders.

Be sure your mouse is close to you

Your computer mouse needs to be close to the keyboard and where your arm is in a comfortable position.

Pay attention to your breathing

Breathe from your belly, taking deep, cleansing breaths rather than short ones.

Sit comfortably

You need to be about an arm’s length away from your monitor, with your monitor 2 to 3 inches above eye level. Your feet need to be flat on the floor so as not to put stress on your ankles and knees.

Take mini-breaks

At least once an hour, get up and limber up.

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·       Black

·       Blue

·       Gray

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