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Changing, Growing and Loving E-Book

Changing, Growing and Loving E-Book

Changing, Growing and Loving is a poetic, illustrated insightful look at the process of growing beyond the pain of childhood.

It offers a look into more workable solutions to doing life than those we were taught (or not taught) as we grew.

From the Preface of Changing, Growing and Loving

 by Suzanne Fisher

For many of us, changing, growing and loving are three distinct, yet interrelated parts of recovery.

Changing involves coming out of denial into an awareness that our lives are not the fairy tale existences we like to convince others we have been living. Changing does not begin to occur until we have each hit our own personal 'bottom.

Hitting bottom' happens when living is so incredibly and undeniably painful that we cannot go on without some hope of relief. Recovery programs provide that hope, as well as an inspiration for us to begin changing. We see others who have gone through similar experiences, and who are changing, growing and learning to love themselves and others.

We also learn that our uncomfortable feelings are not unique, that others can well relate to the pain within us. We come to know that living can be less painful if we begin working toward change on a daily basis. And we acknowledge that we are ready to begin changing how we live our lives.

When we begin growing in recovery, we discover that there are more workable solutions to life than those we were taught in childhood.

As we grow we examine our spiritual and religious beliefs. We admit powerlessness over our problems, acknowledge the existence of a Higher Power, learn to ask for help, and trust that the help will be there for us.

We closely and honestly look at our shortcomings, admit them and accept ourselves for having these imperfections.

We learn healthier ways of getting our needs met than using manipulation and innuendo. Life for us is no longer an uncomfortable search for gratification that is not there.

We meet and get to know our inner child. And we commit ourselves to growth for the rest of our lives.

When we have set aside unnecessary baggage that we have carried by doing our family of origin work, and we have substituted new messages for old, dysfunctional messages, we suddenly realize that we are free to begin loving ourselves and others.

We learn to be emotionally available and loving to others, and we learn to accept the love that is returned to us.

We become aware of and grateful for little pleasures in life that previously went unnoticed. And we lovingly embrace a life of changing, growing and loving for the rest of our lives.

May these poems provide an affirmation of your feelings as you continue your own journey of Changing, Growing and Loving.


Changing, Growing and Loving is offered as:

  • A downloadable flip book, an EXE file whose pages you can turn yourself. There are no viruses present in the book.

  • An mp4 video that fills the screen with the poetry and illustrations. If you choose this option, a link will be sent to you for downloading.

  • You can also request the book on a CD mailed to you. There is a $ 4.95 mailing fee.

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