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Aireox Model 45-D Room Air Purifier

Aireox has had supply chain problems with materials for this air purifier and it is not currently available. Nor do they know when or if it will again be available. We can offer you a small air purifier that does the job the Aireox does and more, the Airpura R400. Check it out. Airpura is one of the top air purifier companies.

Pricing and pictures here are for the Airpura R400. Be sure to see all its features on its page. Click here.

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Why Aireox is safe

No Out Gassing Paint Used : A special zero out gassing paint is used to protect the metal parts

No Out Gassing Rubber Cords :Our electrical cords are zero out gassing

No Ozone Out gassing: The Aireox emits no gas or chemical

No Deodorants or Perfumes Used

No Loud Operating Noise

No Hot Exposed Motors: Hot exposed motors are unsafe for children

No Air Passes Through Motor: Motors are sealed to prevent any oil discharge

No Adhesives Used in Filter: We do not use pleated filters because they require sealants to seal off the pleats


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