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Color Your World - Hair coloring

What your hair color may say about you.....

Redheads are creative and feisty

Scientists have reason to believe that red-heads do tend to exhibit a more passionate, creative behavior, leading them to sometimes be categorized as more explosive. But thier passionate nature is the root of it all. They are also described as
  • Very seductive
  • Sensual
  • Outspoken

Blondes are sexy and confident

Do blondes really have more fun? Researchers say yes, stating that this hair color can really make a woman both feel and be seen by others as sexier!

Brunettes are seen as hard working and responsible

Brunettes are the most preferred job candidates! Often they are seen as good, smart and reliable.

Black-haired women are deep and mysterious

Black-haired women are considered to be experts in finances, They are also

  • Very deep,
  • More concerned with the big picture, so make wonderful leaders
  • Dedicated to looking within for answers

Will your hair color affect your mood or your personality? Scientists believe it can because it also affects how others perceive you.

Blondes attract more attention than other hair colors because their hari color is more eye-catching. All this extra attention for someone switching to blonde can be a bit addictive, and for shyer people, even a bit overwhelming.

Women who go brunette are often perceived as being more serious or book-smart. If you want to be taen more seriously, go brunette.

If you want to ensure you stand out in a crowd, go to shades of red. Red hair says you want to be seen and noticed. Redheads are seen as bubbly, energetic, sexy, and bold, certainly not wallflowers.

If you want to avoid dramatic changes in how people perceive you, try highlighting your hair. There is a good article on how to do that here:

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