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Aireox Air Purifiers

Aireox Air Purifier Information

Asthma and Allergies: People with asthma and allergies suffer enormous discomfort when exposed to pollution. It is very important to have a clean environment, free of chemicals and pollutants, in order to insure a good nights sleep, especially for children. In our experience, we have found that those who suffer from asthma and allergies need a high-quality air purifier that is also user friendly and whisper quiet. The Aireox D-Model 45 room air purifier is the perfect answer, it is whisper quiet for bedroom use and "User-friendly". It is also designed to run 24 hours a day.

H.E.P.A: The term "HEPA" stands for High Efficiency Particle Airification. The H.E.P.A filter is a pleated type filter whose only function is to remove particles from the air (dust, smoke, pollen etc.) Normally the H.E.P.A type filters use large amounts of adhesives to seal off the ends of the pleated material. The sealant required can out-gas and cause people to have a bad reaction, especially those who are chemically sensitive or have asthma or other allergies. That is why Aireox particle filters are user-friendly and do not require adhesives that can outgas chemicals into the air.

MTB's: MTB's are a by-product of an additive now used in more and more gasoline products. It is used to decrease auto exhaust emissions. In some cases, the emissions from this additive can make people sick, robbing them of well being and interrupting their sleep. A bedroom and air purifier will help control the problem.

Ozone: Ozone is a very dangerous gas that can cause damage to lung tissue when exposed to high concentrations or prolonged exposure. Ozone is found in smog and is also produced by some home appliances. The Aireox air purifier's abundant Activated Carbon/Purafil media bed will effectively remove ozone from the environment.

Mold Spores and Dust Mites: Mold spores are the air born seeds that can produce new mold growth. Some people find they are allergic to mold spores or dust mites, a microscopic insect that clings to dust particles. Exposure to the mites should be reduced as much as possible. The Aireox air purifier's half-micron (.5 micron) particle filter and abundant activated carbon effectively trap and remove both mold spores and dust mites from the air.

Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a carbon based liquid that is found in a very large number of home and office products. These products include carpets, drapes, wood products, furniture, and insulation. This chemical is very irritating to people with asthma, allergies, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and many other people with breathing difficulties. A chemical control media is necessary for the removal of this gas from the indoor environment.

Chemical Control Media: There are a number of chemical control medias available. The two we prefer and recommend are Activated Carbon and a product called Purafil. We have used these two medias in our purifiers from the outset. Each media must be user friendly and not add to the problem, which requires years of testing to accomplish. Second, each media must be extremely effective at controlling air-born particles and chemicals. Below are descriptions of Chemical Control Media that we use...

Activated Carbon: Our primary activated carbon product is a high grade carbon that is well suited to air-born chemical removal. It has a hard composition with a very low inherent dust factor. Activated carbon is accomplished by using a superheated steam in the carbonixation process that causes micro pores to form in the carbon, exposing the inner core of each chip. This allows the carbon a much greater surface area to absorb a larger amount of chemicals. Activated Carbon is our most popular form of media.

Purafil: Purafil is made from potassium permanganate. This product has been utilized in the industry for over thirty years. It works in a different manner than carbon, chemicals are actually oxidized and are then kept locked into the pellet. This product is generally not used as a sole media because we find that mixing the two products is more effective.

Purafil/Carbon (PC) Mixture: We recommend our PC mixture when dealing with aggressive chemicals, such as elevated levels of formaldehyde in homes or polyvinl chlorides in automobiles.

Zeolite: In response to many inquiries about the possible use of Zeolite in our products, we would like to clarify our position. We do not use Zeolite in either of its forms, mined or artificially created. Our engineers feel that Zeolite's ability to absorb or otherwise remove chemical pollutants is far too low. Aireox Research does not use Zeolite.


How loud is the Aireox Air Purifier?

The engineers at Aireox Research designed each and every air purifier to have a very low noise factor. They were so successful with the design that it can even be used in the bedroom. Many customers tell us that our design is the only air purifier they have found quiet enough for bedroom use, especially when they are trying to sleep.

What if I do not want fiber glass in my filter?

Most air purifiers use a glass type product in their particle filters, because all other fibers will tend to swell up or matte down destroying the fibers ability to pass air and trap particles. The glass products are safe enough when installed with the proper coverings. However, more and more of our customers are asking for a glass free product, which we now have and have tested for the last seven years. Space age materials and technology have now provided a high efficieny fabric for air purification.

How long does the Air Purifier last and how often do I have to change the filter?

Aireox Air Purifiers were designed with high quality and reliability in mind. Our Product is user-friendly and designed to last a life time. The customer should only have to change the filter once a year (under normal conditions) but it is recommended that the filter be changed every six months to allow proper air flow and filtration. Call customer service for details on how to change the filter or send it back to us and we will change it free of charge, all you have to do is purchase the new filter.

What if I am Chemically Sensitive (MCS)?

The medical problem known as MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is an affliction which causes a person to react to almost all industrial products, carpets, drapes, wood cabinets, cars, etc. We have worked with MCS patients since almost the beginning of our company's founding with great success. Our products are specially designed for chemically sensitive people. There are no sealents used in our products, we use special zero-outgassing cords and long lasting zero-outgassing paint.

Why use a sealed motor?

First, all electric motors require some form of lubrication, usually oil. Sealed motors, motors that do not require exposure to the air for cooling, keep any oil or lubricant vapors from being discharged into the environment. Second, non-sealed motors require exposure to the "filtered" air flow to cool their moving parts. Not only does this form of cooling out-gas the lubricants, it also dries out the bearing surfaces. In return this shortens the life expectancy of the motor. External motors also run hot and can be a danger to children. Aireox motors are sealed they are cool to the touch, so they are safer for children. Aireox motors also have twice the normal life expectancy of non-sealed motors, and there is no out-gas for people who are MCS.


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